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Games Like Marvel Strike Force

There are plenty of choices if you are looking for action-packed games like Marvel Strike Force, strategy games where you can create your own fortress, control various factions, and combat against all enemies. Marvel Strike force has been so successful that you can download several script-cats and some of them are really better than it.

These six games are superb options for Marvel Strike Force fans who want another great smartphone game experience.
With its story-driven fighting and character development, FoxNext ‘s Marvel Strike Force has taken over the bulk of mobile devices. The success of the game has generated interest in other smartphone games and has led to similar titles being developed by almost any successful franchise.

Now for those (My Readers), who just hopped in and find themselves reading this without knowing what Marivel Strike Force is all about, let me explain it before jumping to the list of Games Like Marvel Strike Force.

MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG

Best Mobile Games Like Marvel Strike Force

In MARVEL Strike Force, it is a game that you should get In this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet, poised for combat alongside allies and arch-rivals.

An invasion on Earth has started, and to protect it, Super Heroes and Super-Villains are working together! Head the charge as you enter into decisive combat against an all-new enemy challenge by gathering the ultimate team, including Spider-Guy, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America, and Iron Man. It’s time for war! Get the team together and ready for a battle to save the World!

Top 9 Best  Games Like Marvel Strike Force

1: Aion: The Tower of Eternity

At first, Aion looked benevolently upon Atreia, his planet. He created human beings and the Balaur to defend and guard them. The Balaur gradually became fascinated with strength and enslavement. Five of the Balaurs soared above the others to a height of power and became known as the Five Lords of the Dragon.

They revolted and declared war on the god who created them when Aion refused to give them the power they wanted, the power to contend with his own. The hand of Aion was pressed, and the Twelve Empyrean Lords were created, entities of divinity and strength, to defend the Tower of Eternity.

Most people “elevated” to become Daeva and had wings and the power to battle the Balaur, like the Empyrean Lords. Over time, Daevas arose enough to form an army. The Empyrean Lords will lead the Daeva to war, battling without ceasing. Finally, there was an effort at reconciliation with Balaur.

The five Drakan Lords were welcomed to peace talks beyond the fence, but one of the Drakan Lords was almost murdered by an unknown perpetrator before the peace negotiations could begin.

The Tower of Eternity was lost in the battle that followed, leading to the catastrophe that ripped Atreia in two. “In the dark portion of the universe,” Asmodae, “the Five Empyrean Lords, most of whom rejected the peace deal, rose to power and became known as the Shedim Lords. The Seraphim Lords were another five who had mostly sought stability and ruled over the lower half of Atreia,’ Elysea.’ Two of the Empyrean Lords killed themselves to prevent Atreia from totally collapsing.

The Elyos, those who existed in the light of the sun, saw no improvement. The city of Sanctum was founded by these adherents of the Seraphim Lords. Many improvements were seen by the people of the top portion, the Asmodians. Their paws had become claw-like, their feet had become heels.

The night cooled their faces, and their eyes became fiery, reacting to the lack of light. They remain under the control of the Shedim Lords in the city of Pandaemonium.

2: Shadows: Awakening

A special, isometric single-player RPG with real-time tactical combat is Shadows Awakening. In order to eat the souls of long-dead heroes and embark on an exciting journey with complicated gameplay, a compelling plot, and enchanting graphics, you take control of a demon summoned from the Shadow Realm-the Devourer.

Your device will need to be upgraded to the new system software in order to play this game Shadows Awakening on ps5. While this game is playable on PS5, there could be a lack of certain features available on PS4. For more info, visit PlayStation.com

3: SoulWorker

Soulworker is an MMORPG anime action that takes place in the Cloudrealm, a now vacant city that only houses psychics and a host of monsters. Over the course of the game, players can hear about the fate of the city and the cause for the loss of its people, as well as hopefully finding a way to undo this tragedy.

4: God Eater 3

All of a sudden, mysterious life forms called’ Oracle cells’ tend to eat all life on Earth uncontrollably. Their ravenous “devour” appetite and excellent adaptability give them first fear, then awe, and finally the “Aragami” tag. Urban society crashes in the face of an adversary totally resistant to conventional weapons, and mankind is forced further and further into extinction each day.

For mankind, one solitary ray of hope exists. Their wielders, the “God Eaters,” emerge after the creation of “God Arcs,” living weapons that incorporate Oracle cells. These “God Eaters” are battling a desperate battle in a world plagued by insane gods …

Build your character and fight in GOD EATER 3 for the future of human-kind. In dynamic high-speed fights, pick your weapon from a wide array of God Arcs and face brand new Aragamis. Explore destroyed regions of the past GOD EATER games that you have never played.

5: Oriental Blue

Oriental Blue: Ao No Tengaiis and the RPG series from the Far East of Eden. Based on in-game decisions, it has a special magic system and multiple pathways the plot will follow.

The game continues the Tengai Makyou series tradition, often referred to as “Far East of Eden.” To prove yourself worthy of the mythical Fire Clan, warriors who have defended Jipang for many years from evil demons and warlocks, you play as either Tenran or Aoi, a teenage boy, and girl, respectively, in a quest to destroy the ancient evil that threatens the peaceful land of Jipang. The land of Jipang is very close to feudal Japan, and you’ll even visit Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries during your trip.

A non-linear narrative is the game’s most notable new feature. In whatever order that you choose, you can undertake several missions, and the plot even varies based on the outcome of big battles. The game is not over if you fail to a boss opponent, but instead, a branching plot trail is exposed. Otherwise, the gameplay is similar to other Tengai Makyou titles, with turn-based combat, overworld map traveling, and the first-person viewpoint.

6: Legends of Aria

Discover a world that players have forged, where your decisions dictate the plot. Chose your direction and discover Legends of Aria on your own terms, from experienced Wizard to determined Ninja, from daring Treasure Hunter to professional Blacksmith.


Anima The Nameless Chronicles is a third-person action RPG that tells the story of a nameless man, cursed to wander the earth until the end of time by an everlasting being. He would be compelled to take part in a confrontation in which the very life is in doubt if a shadow of his past emerges again in his direction. But …… but … Is he going to be our only chance or our doom?

Join him on a trip through his past life to uncover the secret tale behind the Gate of Remembrance. The Nameless Chronicles, from the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG table-top novels, is the second videogame set in the Gaia universe. You will enjoy a profound and multifaceted tale where the decisions and actions have a significant effect on the journey and determine the protagonist’s destiny.

8: Remnant: From the Ashes

There’s a world in ruins. There is only a fragment of humanity, hunted to near extinction by another world’s horrors. You will travel into portals to incredible worlds as one of the only survivors remaining, to collect the energy and firepower required to strike back and regain what was lost.

Remnant: From the ashes is a third-person survival-action game set by mythical monsters in a post-apocalyptic planet invaded. The game delivers a special, personalized multiplayer experience for players and up to three of their mates, packed with intense shooting and melee combat, gear and weapon crafting, character development, and dynamically generated levels that have an unlimited amount of ways to discover and take on dangerous monsters and epic bosses.

9: Eternity: The Last Unicorn

When the first elves entered the Kingdom of Alfheim, back in the distant past, a heavenly and majestic force hit them. They were granted four unicorns by the Holy Goddess Marea, and the mythical animals were part of the elves. They would all suffer if anything terrible happened to them. It was an extraordinary and unprecedented force that passed through the centuries.

One night, witches unexpectedly swept away the Unicorns, and the elves feared for their immortality for the first time in that period. One of the Unicorns had, miraculously, survived. The Fairies had found him, cursed by witches and with a horn that had been broken.

He was handed over by the elves, fearful of the curse, to a pure young elf who, according to the elderly scrolls, will be the only one capable of reaching the unicorn, saving him and the elves from the curse. And that’s how the search for Immortality started.

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