App Not Installed Error Android | 6 Simple (But Important) Tips To Fixing It

App Not Installed Fix

App Not Installed has really been quite a huge battle many android users face while trying to install some apps. When you attempt to download and update an app with a .apk file extension from anywhere other than Google Play on your Android phone, you are likely to get an app not installed error message. Often, even though you import applications from Google Play to your Android devices, there will still be an error app not installed on your Android screen.

Since the Android interface was introduced in 2008, Android phones have achieved a great deal of popularity. In reality, Android has around 2 billion active monthly users, according to Google’s 2017 report. The large range of android applications from which you can choose is a significant explanation for such massive public outreach. There are over 4 million apps on the Google Play Store!

While most people choose to install an app from the Play Store, there could be a variety of explanations why you need to import and then manually install an app from external sources. Today, you will be able to successfully install the app much of the time, but often you might get an error like “App Not Installed” when you attempt to install the app.

What Causes App Not Installed?

There are several reasons that could cause the app not installed error. let’s take a clear look at those.

The number one reason which could cause the error app not installed is;

1: The construction of the App may have been compromised or any of the key files have been changed intentionally or unknowingly. This is to say that you might have downloaded the modded version of the app.

2: The Android Manifesto is a compilation of permissions that contain a lot of permissions where there might have been a mistake.

3: Gradle file-In the file itself, the issue may be. Simply verify that the minimum version of the SDK is sufficient for your phone.

4: This error may also result in downloading an unsigned app.

Android App Not Installed, Steps To Fix

I am going to provide you with proven, tested, and working solutions on how to fix the android app not installed. follow up until the very last.

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3 Easy Ways To Fix This App May Not Be Optimized For Your Device

1st Method: Change App Source Codes

I know the question on your mind right now is to ask me ” what is an app source code?”

An app source code is a series of instructions written and generated using the language of computer programming by a programmer. Having said that, source code is what makes your app, website, or other programs that you’ve built work the way it does. You would also be puzzled about the source code and how to use it unless you are a software developer or have dabbled in programming.

In order to change the source code of an app, you will need the help of App Editor Pro APK. You will need to not that Firestick and Fire TV are now working on this strategy.

App Editor is a versatile tool that allows editing the manifest, version, code, icon, package name, and more of the app. A function that is heavily used to tweak internal code for applications. The usage is easy and can also be used with the new update code to better use the older version of the software. On the Google Play Store, the APK editor was available. But the app is now removed because Google says that the Play Store’s ToS has been broken.

The App is developed by famous and reliable developers from SteelWorks. Using various anti-virus and ad-detector software, I checked the app for some ransomware, spyware, bugs, and adware. I have also reviewed the stability software and considered it to be stable on all versions of Android.

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Download the App Editor pro from the below link and install it. Please make sure you enable the unknown source from the android settings.


  • After download and installation, Open the Apk editor. Select either of the two, Select APK from APP” or “Select an Apk File

App Not Installed

  • Click on Common Edit
  • Change the installation code to any other available
  • Click on apply changes.

Note: if the installation code didn’t work for you, another method to use is to change the version code to any figure you want.

2nd Method:  Reset All the App Preference

  • Reset All the App Preference


  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Open Apps or Apps manager.
  • check for All Apps.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Click on ‘Reset App Preferences’

3rd Method: Unknown Source Installation

Android disables the installation of an undisclosed source by default. One has to face the app not installed error because of these configurations. This is because the device would not allow the installation of applications that are not downloaded from the play store. Since the system finds them unsafe. Make sure you turn the installation of your unknown source on. Downloaded from every third party website before attempting to update an app. Several options exist to allow the installation of Unknown Source.

Enabling Unknown Source Installation On Android Oreo or Higher

  • This feature can be activated when downloading any applications from third parties. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s try this app downloaded with google chrome.
  •  After downloading any app, click to install, you will see a pop that says “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”.
  • Two options will come beneath the message “Cancel and SETTINGS” click on the settings.

  • Clicking on settings will direct you to the Install Unknown Apps page.
  • Click on the button to allow from this source

To Enable Unknown Source Installation  On Android Nougat or Lower

  • Enabling the installation of unknown sources on Android Nougat or Below is much too plain. Firstly, navigate to your mobile settings and click on the SECURITY option
  • You will see the Unknown sources below, toggle the button to display a different color
  • A warning message like “Your phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources. You agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your phone or loss of data that may result from using these apps.”
  • Ignore the message and press OK.

4th Method: Clearing the data

Another way of getting rid of this irritating non-installed software or App not installed error is to clear the package installer’s data and cache. Please stick to the steps below to know how to do this.

  • Go to settings>>Go to apps>>>Then go to the package installer>>>Clear data and cache>>>Run the app to check for the problem.

5th Method: Disable Google Play protect

Google Play Store Play still plays a significant role in the app not installed. Those applications that are not available in the play store are immediately detected and do not allow those applications to be activated. If you try to install an application that is not available in the Play Store, you can get an App Not Installed error. By disabling Google Play Protect, you can install certain applications.

  • To do this, open your google play store on your phone

  • Click on the blue circled area
  • You will see “Play Protect“, click on it
  • Follow the below images to do the rest

6th Method: Root Your Device

Make rooting your device the last option. if you have tried the method 1 to 5 and the App not installed error still continues, go ahead and root your device. Note that rooting your device can cause more harm than good when wrongly done. I have written a post on how you can root your android device HERE.

Read it through and decide if you would want to go ahead with the device rooting.


With this top 6 proven and tested methods of fixing App Not Installed error in android phone, you will be able to fix the error and have that very app installed on your device. Always stay updated with uphulk.com for more helping updates.

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