Gaming Laptop or Gaming Console, Which Should You Buy? Let’s Compare

Picking between Pc gaming vs console gaming. Which one proves itself to be better? Which one gives you esteem for your cash?

One of the most difficult decisions for gamers is picking a gaming PC or console. They both have their own appeal and advantages.

Honestly, there is definitely not a correct decision. Everything depends on the choice of the gamer.

The choice to get a Pc/laptop or gaming console, particularly if you already have a budget, is difficult to make. Sometimes to pick one implies sacrificing the other.

The gameplay environment for gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch is very unique from the gaming laptop experiences.

It would be a dubious claim to assume one system is superior to the other because those two have their own advantages and drawbacks, and there are different needs of players.

The distinctions between laptops and consoles will be discussed in this post. This helps you decide correctly and get the most value out of your money.

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Comparative analysis of gaming laptops Vs consoles

 Gaming LaptopsConsole
The Game ExclusivesThere are relatively few first-party game special features on PCPlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox all have renowned special game features

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Game Exclusive features are games created and delivered uniquely to be played on explicit stages. Consequently, while picking whether to get a gaming console or PC it is imperative to know where a large portion of the games you’d love to play is accessible.

For reference, PlayStation special features or exclusives are games such as God of War, Uncharted, and Spider-Man. In the event you will have to screw around, you will then see them on your Xbox, for instance, Forza Horizon, Gears 5, and Halo.

You will explore games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch Comfort.

The special aspects (Game Exclusive) in first-party gaming cannot be considered a reference point for PCs. Indeed at least one console framework also contains the most essential PC special features.

That being said, thousands of methodology-sorting games like DOTA, Starcraft, and World Of Warcraft that depend vigorously on a mouse and keyboard are massive for PC inputs.

This ensures that you can opt to use a gaming PC, pass restrictive games that are only allowed on explicit consoles and otherwise. It’s a razor with two rims.

Exclusive Nintendo has its own classification and is not available on a PC. Despite the fact that most Xbox and exclusive PlayStation ultimately get a PC rendition, it takes occasionally incredibly long.

A genuine illustration was with GTA 5 which assumed control longer than a year prior to the PC variant opened up. A subject such as Red Dead Redemption 1 never turned out to be completely accessible on the PC. PlayStation is now a Web-based feature that requires membership turns out to be the best way to play Red Dead Redemption 1 on your PC.

 Gaming LaptopsConsoles
The Graphics PerformanceNew gaming PC highlights engaged graphics or visual cards that enables you to achieve high powerful frame rates and display a precised measurements of images The quality of the graphics in consoles is typically dictated by the type of the grapgics cards used to render the console

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In a broad sense, game consoles have the best views available with 30 FPS or 60 FPS. You can need to compromise any visual loyalty or case rate while playing on a console.

This clearly depends on how the CPU is and how serious a game is graphical. 30 FPS edge speeds are reasonable but 60 FPS is considered optimal for smoother play.

The gaming PC hardware outflanks that of consoles. It has faster processors and beautiful integrated graphic cards. You won’t have to compromise anything in terms of image quality for a magnificent enough machine.

On a laptop, even though you have high graphics settings, you can deliver outstanding picture quality at high frame rates (FPS). Modern laptops designed for gaming can play virtually any game at a resolution of 60 fps or higher at a resolution of 1080p.

Gaming laptops now support the advancement of ray tracking with the introduction of Nvidia GeForce RTX series graphics cards. Ray-tracing simulates true light behavior, producing film-like scene rendering and natural shadows.

Consoles actually do not support ray tracing. It’s because PCs with cutting-edge engineering equipment are launched every few months and consoles are upgraded by the next-generation console for years.

For example, in November 2013 PlayStation 4 was launched and until the finish of 2020 PlayStation 5 won’t be accessible. Modification to PlayStation 5 involves a GPU with help for ray tracking, 3D compatibility, and 8K game assistance.

A further thing is also that consoles can’t use ultra-wide tracking in their entirety. For eg, your game won’t use the full screen when you connect up your console to an ultra-wide 21:9 display. This ensures that your large field of view cannot be taken full advantage of.

Except for very broad views and at frame rates above 60FPS, graphics cards in high-end gaming laptops are capable of reproducing photos. This means that you can make good use of your vision on the perimeter and the higher refresher speeds that ultra-wide gaming monitors bring.

 Gaming LaptopsConsoles
Compactness of the gameWhen you have the needed hardware, you can play any video game from a laptopConsole games for various platforms are not compatible. Compatibility with the same console games may also be a concern.

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Game consoles backward compatible: Everyone needs them, everybody thinks about them but we do not always have them.

Consoles are not necessarily backward compatible. The compatibility of PS4, for obvious reasons, is zero backward. This means that, if you do not subscribe to PlayStation Then you can not play the earlier version of PS3, PS2, or PS1 games on PS4.

On select digital and disk-driven Xbox 360 games, Xbox One facilitates backward compatibility. You have to use the old Xbox 360 console to play the existing Xbox 360 games not backward compatible. The backward-compatible library of Xbox games is available on Microsoft Xbox.

Compatibility backward on notebooks is much easier. Without a new license or the prerequisite for previous hardware, you will play games from ten years earlier.

The PC gaming portals such as Steam and GOG collaborate with game makers to alter old games so you can use new hardware.

For good measure, you will be able to get the older version of games such as Fallout3 launched on all these platforms for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC and play it with the same graphic quality on your laptop as it was when it was issued.

Console Vs Gaming Laptop

 Gaming LaptopsConsoles
VersatilityGaming Laptops are exceptionally flexible and can be utilized for some different things other than gaming.Consoles are designed to be engaged to gaming only. In this way restricted in what they can do outside of gaming

There is no uncertainty that consoles have not exclusively been committed as game frameworks yet have likewise been served as media/diversion center points.

For example, you can watch Netflix on Xbox or PS4 console, access the web, and tune in to music. Quickly, they will currently do numerous positions.

In contrast to what you can do with pcs, however, they additionally blur. A Gaming Laptop can rapidly deal with specific exercises, for example, conferences, class notes, an assortment of programming, and altering recordings that aren’t conceivable on a console.

It’s likewise simple to do multi-display gaming on gaming Pcs simply like you would with a gaming work desktop. This is conceivable through HDMI/DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and USB ports. Consoles don’t uphold double screen arrangements.

Multi-display gaming is useful on the grounds that it permits you to keep the main windows open as opposed to limiting one window to see the other. You can, for example, screw about on one screen and use the other to see whatever you want if you have two screens viewed.

 Gaming LaptopConsole
The PricingThe cost of purchasing a portable Gaming Pc is always highThere are not very high prices for purchasing a console

The cost of game consoles and PCs is a significant difference. It costs somewhere in the range of $300 and $500 relying upon the console you select.

Prices are tending to increment straightforwardly after the presentation of another variant of a console, and afterward consistently decrease with time. Presently the most famous consoles have been offered with the new costs.

ConsolesThe YearUnique PriceThe year 2020 price
Xbox Series S/X2020299-499 USD299-499 USD
PlayStation 5 Digital/Disc2020399-499 USD399-499 USD
Nintendo Switch Lite2019199 USD201 USD
Xbox One X2017499 USD525 USD
Nintendo Switch2017299 USD318 USD
PlayStation 4 Pro2016399 USD429 USD
Xbox One2013499 USD556 USD
PlayStation 42013399 USD444 USD
Wii U2012299 - 349 USD337-394 USD
PlayStation 32006499-599 USD643-772 USD
Wii2006249 USD321 USD
Xbox 3602005299-399 USD393 USD
Xbox2001299 USD438 USD
GameCube2001199 USD291 USD
PlayStation 22000299 USD446 USD
Dreamcast1999199 USD308 USD
Nintendo 641996199 USD327 USD
Sega Saturn1995399 USD681 USD
PlayStation1995299 USD507 USD
Atari Jaguar1993249 USD443 USD
3DO1993699 USD1,246 USD
SNES1991199 USD376 USD
Neo-Geo1991649 USD1,238 USD
Sega Genesis1989189 USD394 USD
TurboGrafx-161989199 USD415 USD
Sega Master System1986199 USD469 USD
NES1985199 USD478 USD
Atari 52001982269 USD713 USD
ColecoVision1982175 USD465 USD
Intellivision1980299 USD916 USD
Atari 26001977199 USD842 USD
Magnavox Odyssey197299USD611 USD

The cost of a gaming PC is significantly higher. The cost of a low-end gaming PC is around 800$, and in view of their technological necessities and production efficiency, the laptop’s top of the line (Highend) can cost up to 1.500$.

This poses a monstrous obstacle in the purchasing of a gaming PC, especially if you simply intend the use for gaming. Interestingly enough, for example, Steam also offers everyday promotions with PC gamed at cheaper prices than consoles and PC game stores.

 Gaming LaptopsConsole
The PortabilityGaming PCs are truly convenient which is extraordinary in the event that you need to have the option to game from anyplaceRemove Nintendo from the list, different other consoles are not convenient

The game console is not seen implicitly and can be paired with an external TV or pc screen excluding the Nintendo Switch. You will have to rely on TV or screen speakers to adapt to the game sound.

All the features that the console is lacking, make the console exceptionally badly arranged on the off chance that you are intending to game in a hurry.

 Gaming LaptopsConsole
The Online PaymentPC gamers don't need to pay any online charges in the wake of purchasing a game to enjoy the multiplayer games onlineConsoles expect you to access their registration projects and pay monthly or annual membership costs

Playstation Sub

For Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo online playing games you could register for membership services and paid a monthly and annual subscription fee. Membership costs $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation, while Nintendo Switch costs $20 a year if there is no black Friday.

With a gaming PC, the installment for multiplayer exercises, including Overwatch, PUBG, and Towerfall Ascension on the web or locally, can’t be made at any membership rate. Websites like Steam and Parsec permit free web playback of neighborhood multiplayer games with companions.

On account of the capacity, they need to set up their own local area network to go about as a host server, LAN parties are more famous among PC players. You don’t need to make any expenses to have your game in the cloud advancement.

 Gaming LaptopConsole
The Easy Set UpIt will need some time to create the settings for your laptop as you want for each game.The maker normally presets console games setups which needs very little modification.

It’s not generally simple to play on a PC. Frequently you should stack drivers, overhaul your OS for new capacities like DirectX, or then again tinkering with the game settings.

The settings of a game are fundamental in light of the fact that the yield of your game relies upon your equipment. This isn’t hard things, yet it can take some time before you adjust and begin to play impeccably.

You have a plug and play history for consoles. You can start a game and begin playing automatically without adjusting execution choices. The default console configurations for the original game developers are usually optimized.

You have a plug and play history for consoles. You can start a game and begin playing automatically without adjusting performance options. The default console configurations for the original game developers are usually optimized.

Further, you don’t have to think about a game’s minimum or device guidelines. You will buy and start playing a game with 100% knowledge that your console can work with no deferrals or superfluous issues.

 Gaming LaptopConsole
The Mods of The GameSome Laptop games like Skyrim will make use of mods to add new life to a game.Mods cannot be used exclusively

Game mods provide more ways to change a new game life. You can develop various stages, play characters, and integrate new graphics.

Consoles are very complex and console vendors are not ready to redirect. All the data on console systems are tracked to prevent output failures. Consoles have inadequate hardware and mods change the way a game is played.

PC gaming is an open forum that facilitates players to change a game as long as the game allows modding. PC gamers can swap mods with other gamers through the Steam Workshop

Games such as Skyrim, Minecraft, and Cities demonstrate the powers of collective Modding. For reference, Skyrim has thousands of items which mods can enhance the shape of the game.

 Gaming LaptopConsole
The Games AccumulationPC PC has an extremely huge game collection for Steam, UPlay and GOG platformsThe console game collection is not as broad as PC game collections

The quantity of computer games relies upon the console you buy. Around 2,331 games are as of now accessible in the game collections of PS4, 250 in the Xbox game collection, and 1,913 in the Nintendo Switch collection.

You approach a lot more extensive collections on Gaming laptops that are combined with every one of these consoles. Gateways like Steam, Uplay, Origin, and GOG give a large variety of games.

These collections are not entirely free. We have a lot of them that are paid and also a few of them that are free that you can enjoy without having to spend money.

Steam itself has in excess of 30,000 titles, and consistently it continues rising and for some PC gamers, this is the best asset. Likewise, you can play practically the entirety of the accessible Xbox games on your PC with the Windows 10 Xbox store.

It merits discovering that such games can be well enjoyed in Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, take, for instance, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League. However, the PC game collection actually beats the console for the number of games accessible.

The Con Of a Gaming Laptop Vs Console Gaming

Having given a comparison analysis between a Gaming laptop and a console, let softly look at the disadvantages of these two.

  • The Gaming Laptop and The Console can be overheated after long hours of play

Since CPU and graphic cards are indeed challenging for games, a gaming processor and graphics processing unit generate heat. This is particularly the case when you are playing for longer periods.

Both systems have their own ventilation processes to guarantee that internal components have appropriate temperatures. And when temperatures go above a limit, these are automatically shut down so that components like the processor do not sustain irreversible damage.

Heat is an important explanation prematurely for hardware failure. Often with Nintendo Switch, place your laptop or console on a sleek, firm surface.

This stimulates air to pass into and out of the machine naturally and to refresh adequately by air ventilation. If you need to use your laptop in your living room, position it on a sled desk or cooling pad.

As with most electronic equipment, routine cleaning is necessary, depending on your climate. This helps to eliminate dust and other debris, which targeted air vents or refrigerants, which decrease the effectiveness of their filtration mechanisms.

Until wiping, note to disconnect the power supply from your laptop or console. Never try using a damp fabric because it can cause short circuits and ruin your system. If you are not extremely technological and believe that the insides are exceptionally filthy and dusty, have a technician do the job for you.

Pc Gaming Vs Console Gaming Statistics

It has been reported that all over the world, that the estimated number of 3billion people are gamers…  And roughly half of these 3billion gamers, play with PC.

A recent study records 48% of all gameplay takes place on PCs with a spectacular 3.1B players across all nations. This includes console and handheld devices worldwide. The fascinating point is the means by which the data split up in the country and in terms of gaming spending.

Recent research on gamers around the world and on what medium they actually play has been released by DFC Intelligence. The study examined the general preferences of customers from numerous regions involving Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The findings, as disintegrated by IGN, show that approximately 3.1 billion people globally play games (about 40%), 8% being console players “committed” and 48% having to be PC game players. That is 1,5 billion users. While this number is reported in the study, it overlaps with people who use pcs and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, it is an alarming stat that underlines the rising success of PC games and the trend down the road from consoles. It would be fascinating to see how this redesign of the PC affects PlayStation 5’s and Xbox Series X’s revenue as we transition into the next decade.

Asia has the greatest percentage of the total players with 1.42 billion paid game users among the regions surveyed. With 668 million gamers, Europe was second, 3rd Latin American gamers were 383 million, and 261 million from North America. These games have been played on PCs, handheld (Smartphones), and consoles.

Whilst the study showed that the entire video game industry is rising quickly, mobile gaming remains the fastest increasing field. Asia has a mobile-only base of 53%, led by 17% in Europe and 11% in Latin America.

In current history, mobile gaming has spread and commence to be high as more production and publishers of AAA have diverted their focus to the medium, along with heavy hitters such as Nintendo and Apple.

This rise has been supported by many factors, as well as the release of popular smartphone games like Pokémon Go and Mario Kart Tour, a renewed focus on telecommunications as Game Devices, and the latest mobile gaming services like Apple Arcada and Google Play Pass.

We are confident as we can see its success grow in the next few years with smartphone games that contribute 60 percent of global gaming sales in 2019. In addition to PC games, the plan of all big developers is actually undergoing a major revival.

You will see the whole DFC study here beyond a paywall, with its review of the consumption of video games in 2020.


Undoubtedly, the option of a laptop or console varies depending on your gaming preferences and on the budget that you work with. You can buy a laptop and a console for gaming and experience the best of the two if you have the cash.

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