Money has the ability to turn men. Wale Jana, a businessman, believes it is the greatest danger to him and his marriage.

Wale Jana, a businessman, claims that the true measure of a man’s love for his wife occurs after he has eventually made some money.

He said in an Instagram post that once a man has made money, he will never know whether he is a faithful man or loves his wife. In his message, he claimed that a man is a good man if he has millions and still loves and respects his wife. Money, he said, changes men and is the greatest challenge to a man’s marriage.

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His message is as follows:

“Today, I’m going to talk about the risks to your marriage.” Money is one of the most important threats to your marriage.

When the money arrives, you have no way of knowing whether you are a faithful husband or whether you love your wife. You are a decent guy if you have millions and yet love and support your wife.

Money has the ability to transform men, and it is the greatest challenge he and his marriage have ever faced. If he lacks common sense, he will either marry another woman or treat his current wife badly.

Don’t be a fool, if she was there when you needed her, she’ll be there when the money comes. She has been tried and trusted, which is a remarkable combination. When you can’t pay your bills, the slay queen all over you will drop you like a hot plate because she wasn’t made to suffer with you!

If you’re still misbehaving because money has arrived, bros, someone has to set you straight. Don’t let your guard down; you must behave. Recognize and handle the flaws so that they do not derail the positive.

In Jesus’ name, may you receive this jolt of common sense?

Please share so that others can profit as much as you have.”

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