Showbox Not Working, Why? Let’s Take A Look At This No 1 Unbelievable Fact

Showbox Not Showing Content

Showbox not working on many android devices has really been a big issue for its users. Well, today, let’s find out why is my Showbox not working anymore.

At present, movie streaming is really in demand and appears to be on the upward thrust all throughout the world. As a culmination of the tremendous list of benefits, it has over quite conventional settings like cinemas, this service has been so prominent. With streaming services accessible on pcs, smartphones tv sets, the more famous the system grows, the more it extends and transfers to more systems. The device, with the android os, is among the most often used platforms. Showbox Apk helps you to stream movies and TV shows as it is one of the best systems to watch and enjoy without having to spend money.

Showbox is arguably the most prevalent framework for online viewing or online streaming as popularly known. Showbox is a spoken online entertainment service with characteristics that provide the customer with no price tag.

Showbox Not Working, How To Fix?

ShowBox App is one of Android’s most commonly used free streaming service platforms, with the main benefit being that the app is free to use. On the Showbox APK file, there is a lot of content available that includes both new releases and older releases, and Showbox gives you enough movies to complete your precious hours with amazement.

Despite the numerous benefits provided by the Showbox app, when using the Showbox apk file, you can often experience stream errors such as Showbox not working, connectivity error, and other issues.

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Why Is My Showbox Not Working Anymore

There are many reasons which could cause or prompt Showbox not working. Having seen many searches that rises in the cause of trying to find a solution to the pressing need by users, I decided to go into my own research to get the befitting reason as to why your Showbox might not be working.

There are many reasons for Showbox not to give you that best user experience that you expect, and trust me that those reasons are not far fetched from what I am going to list below.

I will as well attach a video below for more clarifications.

1: Corrupt application installation files

Has the corrupt installation file ever run to your mind? Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t install Showbox normally from the play store?

You can’t install Showbox traditionally via the Android Play Store, as you may all know. Rather, you should therefore gain permission for third-party applications to be installed and then installed from an external source. If the installation files with your user data are corrupt in some way, the program will not work.

2: Bad application cache

The most popular explanation for why Showbox stops working is that there is bad cache data for the program. Applications stores data in the cache of your phone and constantly access it when appropriate. If this is corrupt, it will possibly crash the application or trigger baffling problems.

3: Backend servers are Down

One other explanation why Showbox could not function on your device is that it is down and not available to the backend servers themselves. Considering the application is prohibited in many countries, this is very usual.

4: Out of sync with Limeplayer

It appears that Limeplayer is used to play Showbox videos on your phone, according to the report. If the player is not changed, or you are not configured to open the Showbox links, you will have problems.

5: Restricted Access

Because Showbox is restricted in several countries and territories, it could be likely for your ISP to obstruct your backend requests and content. Therefore, the use of VPNs on the device can help solve this Showbox not working Error problem.

How To Fix Showbox Not Working Issue

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Disclaimer: I uphulk is in no way promoting the use of Third-part apps. This is for the purpose of information to the reader all over the world.

You can fix Showbox not working with the following methods.

1: By Clearing Your Mobile Or Apps Cache

The app cache normally includes the details and user preferences needed to operate Showbox on your device. These are typically transient files that the app updates regularly when it runs on the Android Operating system. There are, nevertheless, countless instances where the cache of the application gets compromised and allows Showbox not to run when planned.

To do this, Navigate to settings>>>Apps>>>Locate Showbox app>>> Click on Storage>>> Click Cache and Clear Data will Show>>> Click on both.

2: Update the Lime Player and Showbox

You ought to ensure that you really do not download from a fake site before navigating to the web to start installing the APK of the modified program. Before downloading it from some external source, make sure that you verify the originality of the program.

Having updated your Showbox to it’s latest version, the next thing to do is to update the Lime player that comes with the Showbox. Before you watch any shows, Showbox aggressively urges you to just use LimePlayer as a supplier on your device. This is part of the design process and has been there for some time. There could be problems with a revamped model of Showbox if LimePlayer is not upgraded to the current upgrade, and you will encounter issues.

3: Using a VPN

Make this your last option if Showbox is restricted in your country or region.

Showbox Not Working Alternative

Showbox, notwithstanding getting banned from the official Google Play store, maintains one of the most common applications on Android smartphones and tablets. Many video apps retain a patina of authenticity by acquiring the movies and TV shows that they sell from reputable online outlets. Probably slightly meticulous about the validity of their products are other applications.

Here, as Showbox seems to have disappointed many, I am going to give a list of Showbox Alternative, believing that you will enjoy them.

ATTENTION TO MY READERS: Throughout the globe, governments and ISPs track the internet behaviors of their users. If you discover copyright material streaming on your phone, you might be in deep trouble. I absolutely suggest that you get a decent VPN and mask your identification so that you don’t take a negative turn in your movie watching experience.


1: Titanium TV

Titanium TV is commonly known as a Terrarium TV clone, and rightly so since both have certain remarkably similar characteristics. Both are, in fact, almost absolutely similar. Mount FireStick with Titanium TV and you’ll know what I’m talking about (if you’ve previously used Terrarium TV). I might suggest that now that Showbox not working issue still exists, Titanium TV works as an outstanding replacement to the ShowBox app.

A wide collection of movies and TV shows is also available on Titanium TV. You can find everything from the newly released film to the latest episodes online. The video replay quality that this app provides makes it fantastic. There are plenty of streams to select from for replay. And, much like Cinema APK, for even more impressive viewing experience, Titanium TV lets you sign in with Real Debrid.

As Titanium TV is remote-friendly, you can use it on FireStick and other Fire TV line of devices with no fuss. Titanium TV is something you would try if you are hunting for software like Showbox.

2: Cinema APK (HD Movies)

Cinema APK boasts a vast catalog of TV shows and movies. The material is updated so frequently within minutes of publication, I often discover new content. Top-grade scrapers that find hundreds of working ties are included in the application. Stream output is decent and when you log in with Real-Debrid, it gets even better.

Cinema APK is definitely one of the better ShowBox alternatives, with a clean, convenient-to-use interface and an impressive library of content.

3: CyberFlix TV

Another app that you would like to test if you are searching for acceptable alternatives to Showbox is CyberFlix TV. It is much like Titanium TV and is known as a replica of Terrarium TV as well. The CyberFlix TV GUI, style, and organization are almost the same.

Because it has all the fundamentals right, you’ll like CyberFlix TV. The software has a broad media library that is updated on the schedule. The new movies and shows available for viewing can still be found. CyberFlix TV fetches several links much like the others on this page, giving you ample options to find the high-quality replay.

4: TVZion

TVZion is really not exactly the perfect option for ShowBox, though I don’t think we get a lot of choices either. I’m not suggesting that this app is terrible. It’s indeed, in truth, pretty good. With a strong catalog of content and a tidy interface, TVZion provides an excellent viewing experience. Interestingly, particularly if you start comparing it to Cinema APK and Titanium TV, it’s just not as good as the others on this list.

That being said, download and install this app, and right on the home screen, you can find all of the trending and famous titles. The selection at the top allows you to easily move between movies and TV shows.

5: Kodi

Kodi is a media app that can quickly override any other app like this at almost any moment. This app offers you access to a wide universe of the film, series, live news, athletics, and more. All you have to do is update addons for Kodi and get going.

One of Kodi’s biggest benefits is that it is not based on the creator of a single app. This open-source initiative has been created by a large group of volunteers. This tool is tracked and updated continuously. Like I said, to get started with Kodi, all you need are video addons and there are hundreds of them available for free.

One of the easiest alternatives to Showbox is Kodi. It may not be one of the equivalent games, but it is definitely a great substitute for Showbox. In reality, on a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and more, it is supported.


I would like to remind you that all you stream is accessible to your ISP and government now that you have more choices to use instead of Showbox APK. This implies that you could get into legal trouble by watching free content (movies, TV shows). Remember to hide your identity.

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