Video Converter Software – Top 12 Free And Paid Converter 2021

Video converter software is put to use the moment you can most likely in no way play a video of a particular format. It’s often used anytime you want to decrease the complexity of your video clip.

Video converters allow you to store videos in a different format, such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, and much more. They endorse a wide variety of platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. These systems preserve the accuracy of the video when conducting the change.

The following is a clearly selected list of Top Free and paid Video Converters software with their common features and website links.

Having a reliable video converter software available to you implies you can undoubtedly play every one of your videos, no matter the format on any gadget.

We uncover the best video converter software for Windows so you don’t settle for a lower-average software.

Today, credit goes to all the free Video Converter software, that its work is not only to converts videos right from your computer to any format you want but also gives you the choice to get and with one click, save videos from all the most recent movie web hosts.

Regardless of whether we’re creating our own videos, as well as streaming them on the web, no matter the angle, the point to note down here is that Videos are everywhere you go.

Despite the fact that they’re in bounty, it’s not really a consistent encounter to play video clips on different devices.

This makes it super easy for people by transferring video streams to different configurations or formats, allowing you to play video on your desired screen and software.

Video converters can likewise be helpful when altering recordings, as changing the document to an alternate configuration can consider a more proficient altering measure.

Please Note: Remember that if your purpose behind needing to get hold of this free and paid video converter software is for you to alter YouTube video, downloading their contents is versus their terms of administration.

It could likewise be a copyright encroachment on the off chance that you don’t have the assent of the copyright holder or if the video exists in the overall public domain.

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Presently, it is the time to uncover the best video converters software for Windows and what they have to bring to the table.

The List and their detailed explanation will definitely be a very long one. If wouldn’t take that time reading the entire post, please find the best-selected top 12 free and paid Video converter Software below.

  1. AVC Ultimate
  2. HandBrake
  3. Freemake Video Converter
  4. Movavi Video Converter
  5. Zamzar
  6. MediaCoder
  7. IDealshare VideoGo
  8. VideoProc
  9. Free Audio Video Pack
  10. Cloud Convert
  11. WonderFox HD Video Converter
  12. NCH Prism Video Converter Software

Video Converter Software

AVC Ultimate

Any Video Converter (AVC) is such a detailed download and conversion software that is quite difficult to fathom that it offers an impressive outcome for FREE with no ads.

From this Disc, you can rip files, import files from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, add effects and filters, and then save or burn them to DVD in nearly any format.

Videos can be imported and put to conversion into collections, and quick conversions can be done with only a few taps.

Any Video Converter is totally a free software though has a

premium version. When you download this software, in the installation process, you will be offered a security software called ByteFence, and it will be recommended that you change your default web index to Yahoo.

In the event that you want to dodge this, select ‘click here to customize or make changes to the installation default settings’ and uncheck the case.

Any wide variety of features of Video Converter Free are seen in a sleek, transparent GUI, which helps you to quickly import and convert videos in a snap of your finger.

just select an input option (disc, file, or URL) for simple conversions, and select your desired clip, select an output and format, and press “Convert Now.” The selection of outputs that covers audio and video formats is quite remarkable.

If you are searching for more personalized choices, a clip button will open next to each uploaded video a mini-player that allows you to display the images and choose your own start and endpoints.

The wand magic tool helps the video to be captured, a watermark attached, and filters applied – from small changes to triple results. These may be used for each video or the entire set. You could therefore select from a variety of clips, audio and image rates, sampling rates, and codecs.

HandBrake Video Converter Software

Handbrake is incredibly powerful as a video transcoder, rapid encoding, and great performance for file optimization. For the average user there are so many pre-settings that serve the large bulk of uses, whereas, for all those who prefer greater quality or compress video files to the full, any detail can be configured.

With HandBrake, you can easily get results simply by loading a video in the software and transforming it into various formats with different settings using one of the several presets in the side panel.

Better, though is to configure the accurate coding settings, utilizing the results, cropping unnecessary big images, adjusting frame rates, modifying codecs, and much more in the Performance Setting portion.

HandBrake is the spot where the newbies and professionals are divided. There’s no effort to clarify the terms of video encryption so you won’t have to do much homework if you’re not acquainted with terminology.

Pros of HandBrake                                                                  HandBrake Cons

Excellent support for the format                                              Not easy to use
Can be employed to rip DVDs
Batch processing assistance

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter has become immensely successful, with more than 93 million users. Its name means that it codes only videos in various formats, but it also allows audio and picture converting and ripping content from DVDs.

A large range of performance options, including AVI, WMV, MPG, and MP4, are available in Freemake Video Converter. The software will also burn DVD or Blu-ray videos and has a pre-defined model for games, mobile and tablet apps. You can also send the video to YouTube directly.

In order to convert some contents from your PC or DVD, simply click the correct button at the top of the list and then select the output format from the top of the list.

You would then have to pick a few procedures to make sure the converted file is the consistency required. A variety of useful presets, including frame size, video and audio codecs, bit rate, and sampling speeds, are available if needed.

You can use a basic cutting tool from Freemake Video Converter to make a few minor edits before you convert the file and you can stop using a different video editing tool.

Everything is very easy to use and there is no need for advanced expertise. The only major drawback to this is the necessity queue for the free Web Pack to access all the additional functionality for a couple of days. But if you deal with it it would be unlikely to reach an easier and more compact video downloader and converter.

Movavi Video Converter

For a number of purposes, Movavi is valuable, however, the core factor is the GUI which is simple to use. Movavi Video Editor Plus has a number of functionalities, on the contrary, that is available in advanced applications only. Furthermore, for Windows and Mac, Movavi is open.

Movavi Video Editor Plus a very diverse Video Converter Software and an outstanding option for a larger variety of individuals.

There is a lot of tools for video editing, each with a certain unique function that differentiates. Movavi Video Editor Plus is a very elegant software between these. Sit down and relax while I reveal in this post the shortcomings and advantages of Movavi Video Converter.

If you’re just starting from the world of video editing or operating in this audio-visual field after many years, Movavi is really the best option to do the fastest video editing.

You are looking for a basic and sophisticated video editing app? Movavi Video Editor Plus can provide you with all the usability and cool additional functions of the generic Video Editor.

Develop trendy videos, themes, filters, transformations, and action sequences from your videos and images. Use animation to seamlessly transfer items across the screen in your clip. Fill in the multi-track timeline the number of tracks you choose. Get more video previews, stickers, and tracks from the expanded integrated catalog.

In Movavi Video Converter, the followings are what you get;

  • Download images and videos in any common format
  • Use the Assembly Wizard to automatically build videos
  • Assemble transformation wizard slideshows in a flash
  • Timeline videos cut, crop and rotate, increase image quality
  • Apply imaginative filters, seamless cross-section transformations
  • Animate titles, sticks, soundtracks, and videos overlay
  • Use Chroma, Pan & Zoom, among others.
  • Use stabilization to correct the distortion of motion
  • Enter your own or pick prepared songs.
  • Equalizer audio adaptation, rhythms recognition, amplitude normalization, sound effects add
  • Content built-in bonus: animations, stickers, and tracks for the latest sample


Zamzar, which supports a number of file formats, is a strong free file converter. It’s simple to use and helps you to convert online files without program installation.

Zamzar is certainly one of the most robust Video Converter Software systems available online with over 1100 compatible formats. You can switch between images, PDFs, audio, video, ebook, compressed, and video formats that are even more than what other tools can deliver.

You can convert between images. In just three stages, it is possible to use the conversion technique, which is also flexible since all drag and drop methods are provided for importing files.

If you don’t want the conversion flow time to be completed electronically, just give your email address to contact you after the process has been completed. In addition, you can appreciate the pace of the online app, which takes not more than 10 minutes for any conversion, which in turn shows how fast Zamzar is.

Zamzar Pros & Cons


  • Conversion of the free file (up to 50 MB)
  • There is no installation
  • Conversion with a wide range of file formats
  • Simple enough to use by anybody
  • You will get a notification at the end of the conversion
  • No signup account required. Start right away


  • File size cap – The 100MB file size limit does not allow conversions to exist such as in video that can be well above the size limit to break the file into smaller, repetitive, and time-consuming sizes.
  • If the website is heavily trafficked, the conversion can take up to an hour
  • Zamzar Free accounts are restricted within the 24-hour span to two conversions


Mediacoder is used as a back-end on the video side, which enables virtually all recognized video and box formats and offers a wide variety of helpful video filtering functions (3D de-noise postprocessing).

On the sound aspect of the decoder-based MPlayer and Winamp ingoing plugin, MediaCoder will easily loop on every known audio format, passing tags, creating file names, and even filtering audio (that is resample and normalizing), on the fly.

MediaCoder Features

  • Enhancing the size of the file (audio+video -> audio+video): e.g. AVI/MKV/MP4 (Xvid/DivX/H.264 + MP3/OGG/AAC) -> MPG/VOB/AVI/RMVB/MOV/MP4-> AVI/MKV/MP4.
  • Audio track (audio+video -> audio) extraction: like MPG/VOB/AVI/RMVB/MOV/MP4 -> MP3/OGG/AAC/MPC
  • Converting ready media files (audio + video -> MPEG) to standard VCD/DVD player: for example MPEG 1/2 RMVB/MOV ->
  • To play with portable DAP (audio-> audio) from loose or high bitrate audio to low bitrate audio: e.g. APE/FLAC/WavPack -> MP3/AAC/WMA + CUE sheets
  • CDs are riped and fly compressed: e.g. APE/FLAC/Wavpack/MP3/OGG/AAC/WMA/MPC Tracks-> CD tracks.

Source formats supported:

  • Audio: MP3, OGG/Vorbis, AAC, MusePack, WMA, RealAudio, FLAC, WavPack, APE/APL, WAV, CUE Sheets, and any other formats supported by Winamp input plugins
  • Video: AVI (Xvid/DivX/H.264), MPEG1/2/4, QuickTime (MOV), WMV/ASF, RealMedia (Rmvb), MP4, Matroska (Mkv)
    CUE Sheets

Audio Target Formats Supported:

Lossy: MP3 (Lame), OGG/OGM (Vorbis), AAC (iTunes, Nero AAC Encoder, FAAC), AAC+/Parametric Stereo (CT, Helix), MusePack, WMA
Lossless: FLAC, WavPack, Monkey’s Audio (APE), WMA Lossless, WAV

Video Target Formats Supported:

H.264, Xvid, DivX 4/5, MPEG1/2/4, H.263, etc.

IDealshare VideoGo

The accessibility of multimedia and operating systems are currently incredibly wide for any user to download any video with zero difficulties and push the playback button, no matter which type and software they are using: Android devices, Windows computers, and iPads.

iDealshare VideoGo is a versatile Windows video converter that can be operated accurately on all forms of media players or handheld devices in converting all the video or audio formats.

This is what you get from Idealshare VideoGo and all the supported formats

Video input format: 

IDealshare Converts HD, 3D or SD Video in WTV, DVR-MS, WMV, ASF, ASX, AVI, DV, DV-AVI, DivX, Xvid, MKV, FLV, F4V, SWF, MXF, MVI, OGM, WebM, VP8, OGV, 3GP, 3G2, 3GPP, 3GPP2, MP4, MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MJPEG, MJPG, H.263, H.264, RM, RMVB, MOV, M4V, QT, VOB, DAT, 720p/1080p AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, M2T, TS, TOD, MOD, Apple ProRes, R3D, Fraps video, BIK, Flip movies, AMV, TRP, etc.

Audio Convert Format:

IDealshare Converts audio files in MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, 3GA, Apple Lossless ALAC, CAF, FLAC, OGG, M4B, MKA, AAC, AC3, DTS, RA, RAM, APE, AU, AUD, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MPC, QCP, SHN, TTA, PCM, AMR, AWB, VOC, VOX, MPC and more.

IDealshare can Powerfully create a conversion on any format on video or sound to playback on all sorts of media players, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola Droid, LG, Google Nexus, Windows Phone, Archos, Creative Zen Mp3, iRiver, Amazon Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, Nokia, Xbox, PlayStation Play Converter and other handheld devices.

It is an all-in-one video downloader/converter program. You can immediately import the video via influential websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Videos, Metacafe, eHow, Vimeo, MTV, BBC, Dailymotion, etc, using a single mouse-click to download it into virtually every popular format.

It allows you, in HD 720p, HD-1080p, HD 2k, ultra-high definitions (4K), 3D video, and stands definitions.


The VideoProc is available as a Windows PC No.1 fast-powered video processor, provides sycophantic (4K) video editing and transcoding without any sacrifices inefficiency, which optimizing level 3 Hardware acceleration with Intel®, AMD®, and NVIDIA® GPUs.

Real-time up to 47x quicker! The unique technology from VideoProc allows video transcoding and encoding to be more accelerated while maximizing the size and consistency of the file.

Easily and without destruction, process and upgrade your wide HD/4 K footages from GoPro, DJI, smartphones, etc.

You can shorten a video by lightweight chopping, delete unnecessary parts, rearrange clips, and maximize YouTube size. Any other editing process, such as splitting, will erase a video file. No matter how skilled you are or just beginning, the 4K video editor will assist you in editing HD/4K videos in a seamless workflow.

This Video Converter Software development was initiated in 2006 by the Software maker. Digiarty has expanded in years, with over 9 million satisfactory users from 79 countries, and is now a world pioneer in DVD backup and hardware-accelerated 4K audio/video processing.

With GoPro, DJI, iPhone, Android, camcorder, or all other video cameras (DSLR or mirrorless), Video Proc can manage all of the photos you have taken.

The exquisite 4K-enabled converter responds to both the basic and complex transcoding needs of 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats, e.g. AVI to YouTube and 3D to 2D, H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone/MP4.

What you get from VideoProc

  • You will get the Mp3 format, MP4, iPhone, Android, you can convert all your downloaded Clips.
  • Live streams record so you’re not going to miss live events, athletics, entertainment, etc.
  • Batch videos, like the Later Playlist for YouTube Watch.
  • Check for corresponding subtitles for films and TV shows online.
  • Upload and enjoy media material anywhere on a proxy server.

VideoProc is the platform to capture gameplay, interviews, webinars, Skype Messaging, live content, and create vlogging, screencasts, podcasts, tech analysis, and video guides. This software makes communicating simple with the viewers and peers.

Not only that, but you will also get the following with this VideoProc

Image and Video stabilize

Repair Fisheye

Delete Noise

Create GIF

Insert Watermark

Make MKV

Free Audio Video Pack

Free Audio Video Pack is a versatile video and audio converter set which can be used for conversion for all common audio and video formats such as AVI, MPG, MP4, MP3, M4a, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MOV, WebM, WMV, WMA, OGG, WebM, FLV, OGV, 3GP.

The pack also provides software for separating audio tracks from CD images on the basis of CUE sheets. Both converters have a really similar GUI and even for beginner users, they are easy to use.

To load, just extract the FreeAudioVideoPack.7z archive to any folder on a hard disk or USB drive.

Cloud Convert

CloudConvert is a method for transferring the online files to some other form of a file, from files to mp3s and videos. The software enables you to convert 214 types of files, including audio, video, ebook, photograph, text, etc.

It is an online app that only converts online files using URLs, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Other functions include batch converting, codec assistance, and archive surveillance.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Software

WonderFox is an integral, entirely free Video Converter Factory software. You will experience any video with a wide range of choices to change the format, along with the most common formats.

The easiest way of converting files with the maximum resolution is via this program. You may use it to make copies of content and size perfectly balance.

The application avoids distortions in size and color of the video, which ensures that the resulting image has the same appearance as the source, often tailored for space.

This Software can function with H265, VP9, ​​MKV, MP4, AVI, H264, MTS, M2TS, FLV, SWF, HTML5, WebM, TOD, VOB, and 4K files.

It can as well as produce videos that are specially optimized for iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy Series, Android Smart, Curved 8K/4K TV, UHD TV, BlackBerry, PS4, XBOX One, etc.

You will use it in order to extract and archive the audio from any video clip and save it as MP3, AC3, AAC, OGG, WMA, M4R, FLAC, or WAV file.

NCH Prism Video Converter Software

Prism is the most reliable and complete, easy-to-use, multi-format video converter.

Prism is a quick multi-format converter that is simple to use. Import your video files easily and choose from a broad range of video formats to which your file is converted. Until conversion, review your video and all your changes. It’s short and easy to convert. Start turning all your video files into a well-recognized format.

This Free Video Converter Software offers a range of trial features that are included in the premium edition for a short period to try.

The List Of features included on Prism Video File Converter Free Version:

  1. Prism can convert the most common formats such as WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, VOB, ASF, and all video formats based on DirectShow Codec.
  2. Drag & Drop Video Files or pick an entire directory
  3. Adjust performance configuration
  4. Review the video prior to conversion and any improvements made to it
  5. Change the contrast and the video luminosity.


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