West Bromwich Albion Are Interested In Signing Chelsea Midfielder Conor Gallagher In a Transfer For Next Season If Sam Allardyce Can Escape Relegation

WEST BROM manager Sam Allardyce has confirmed that if the club escapes relegation to the League, he plans to retain Conor Gallagher.

Since joining on loan from Chelsea in September, the 21-year-old has made an impression at the Hawthorns, appearing in 25 games across all competitions.

Conor Gallagher has made an impact on a loan at West Brom from Chelsea.
Getty And sources say that Blues boss Thomas Tuchel aims to transfer the midfielder to the first team next season as a result of his strong form.

Meanwhile, a £9 million summer move for the England youth international has been recommended by Crystal Palace.

Allardyce, on the other hand, is anxious for Gallagher to stay in the Midlands, thinking it would be easier for him to improve as a professional.

Allardyce told reporters ahead of Saturday’s match against Chelsea: “If we remain in the Premier League, I’d think he’d be here next season, not at Chelsea.”

“I feel he will benefit from another season with us over the rivalry and size of Chelsea’s team.

“I agree his level of understanding and growth has changed. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a decent player.

“I had learned how strong he was before I arrived, and I know that every day and every game he plays in the Premier League gives him more experience.

“When you lose more than you win like he is for the first time, it toughens you up and makes you more driven.

“And to experience these disappointments on a weekly basis at such a young age will only help him further his future. He’s been a valuable asset to us.”

Following loan spells at Charlton and Swansea last season, Gallagher has expressed his delight at being back at West Brom.

“After a step up from the Championship last season, I was excited to play in the Premier League,” he added. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Hopefully, I’ll continue to expand and change.

“It’s been a tough season for West Brom so far, so doing the dirty side of the game, the importance of work off the ball [is important].

“If you turn off, Premier League consistency will punish you, so you must be concentrated and centered.

“I recognize that people have varying viewpoints on players going on loan, and I’ve been to three different clubs, so they’re all different backgrounds and teams with [different] personalities, coaches, and players.

“In just two years, I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully, as a player, I will continue to improve.”

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