Fire Inu Coin: is this a scam? What Is The Fastest Way To Buy Fire Inu token (FINU) On Trust Wallet

This article will outline how to purchase Fire Inu Tokens on Trust Wallet. The process only takes about 10 minutes. (A video is Attached)

What is Fire Inu (FINU)

Fire Inu is a project created in partnership with Anonymous and is a fork of the Anon project, launched responsibly and with no ill intentions. This product is designed to offer the community a unique redistribution and liquidity function that adapts to the needs of the community.

Having worked closely with the existing community to prove their trustworthiness, as well as demonstrate their reliability as a leader, the team is now working towards creating media, hosting community events, deploying multi-media, developing interactive services, as well as other utility functions.

FINU Token

Fire Inu is currently running on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. FINU implements comprehensive tokenomics on both networks and is a pioneer in dynamic contract deployment. With FINU tokenomic framework, they hope to expand the community, foster trust and respond to community-supported strategies.


Tokenomics is designed to give a high priority to the interests of the community, as well as allowing holders to respond in a flexible and swift manner.  The ERC and BSC networks share the same tokenomics, which are designed for a seamless trading experience.

Fire Inu’s current live price is $6.57e-9 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,471,862 USD. During the past 24 hours, Fire Inu has remained unchanged. Fire Inu’s ranking currently on CoinMarketCap, as at the time of this publish, stands at #2732, and the market cap isn’t available. FINU coins have a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000,000 and no circulating supply.

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Starting taxes below:

・Sell within 1 day : 32% tax (0% burn, 32% Liquidity, 0% Holders)

・Sell within 3 days : 30% tax (4% burn, 20% Liquidity, 6% Holders)

・Sell within 3 weeks : 20% tax (6% burn, 10% Liquidity, 4% Holders)

・Standard : 8% tax (6% burn, 0% Liquidity, 2% Holders)

Fire Inu Social Media

Telegram name: FireInuToken


  • Tokenomics based on Dynamic Auto-Liquidity (Anti-dump)
  • Tiered tax system with dynamic ratios of burn, auto-liquidity, and holder reflection.
  • Anti-whale: 💲Max wallet + Max Transaction limits
  • Locked liquidity for 3 months
  • 690,000,000,000 is the maximum amount that may be purchased (0.69 percent of Total Supply)
  • Max Hold: 2,100,000,000,000 (2.1% of Total Supply)

Contract Flexibilty

  • As the community expands, the tax structure may be adjusted.
  • Taxes can be recalculated to comply with the growth
  • Taxes and other information available through public contract functions
  • Auto-liquidity can be adjusted over time


Fire Inu has a thriving community. The purpose of this community is to have a good time while getting to know people from different backgrounds. A key aspect of Fire Inu is community engagement, with the team taking the community’s feedback and requests into consideration to encourage a project that engages.

The Anti-Abuse Movement

  • Taxes cannot be raised, and once reduced, they can never be raised again
  • To combat dumps and bots, a time-based tiered fee will be implemented
  • Taxes can be reset to de-incentivize “selling the news”

FINU Token – How and Where to Buy?

On Binance’s mainnet, FINU token is now available. FINU’s token address is 0x60582805620370818967b32dc8cd709195b72fab. Please do not purchase any token with a smart contract that is different from this one (since this can easily be forged). We urge you to remain alert and cautious throughout the launch. Be careful not to let excitement overwhelm you.

Watch the video to learn how to buy a Fire Inu coin using a Trust wallet. Inu (FINU) is a new token listed on CMC and is also available on Binance Smart Chain (BNB – BEP20) as well as the Ethereum Network (ETH – ERC20).

The video demonstrates the difference in price between UniSwap and PancakeSwap in terms of fees while buying Fire Inu coins using both networks. Which networks have cheap prices and which networks charge high fees, and in the end, which one of PancakeSwap vs UniSwap is the cheapest in total coins price? In what ways are PancakeSwap and UniSwap fees different

Token Information :

  • Name : FireInu
  • Symbol : FINU
  • Blockchain: BEP-20 and ERC-20 (same contract for both)
  • Liquidity Tokens have been locked for 3 months.
  • Contract : 0x60582805620370818967b32dc8cd709195b72fab
  • Website: Fireinu

ALERTE: The content provided does not constitute financial advice and is designed solely for informational purposes. Investing in cryptocurrency is extremely risky. It is important that you know the risks involved so that you are accountable when it comes to your money.

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