What Is The Truth About SafeMoon: Is It Really A Scam?

Created in March 2021, SafeMoon is one of the newest cryptocurrency tokens on the market. With a number of features that contribute to its position as a strong asset class, it is on the rise in both value and popularity. SafetyMoon is a BEP20 token that exists on the Binance Smart Chain, and it was released on March 8, 2021. The fact that SafeMoon taxes sellers provide an incentive to trade its token, in a world where most cryptocurrencies have tried to reduce transaction fees. In this case, SafeMoon provides not only high returns but also reduced fluctuating fees.

SafeMoon is a clear and simple approach to savvy crypto investments. A unique approach to the cryptocurrency landscape, one that we think will deliver tremendous returns for investors who hold the longest following the approach to cryptocurrencies that value investors like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger take to stocks.

What Is The Truth About SafeMoon: Is It Really A Scam?

Those who hold the token earn daily rewards in tokens and have a chance to grow their investments by three times if they hold for a year. As a result of this approach, the SafeMoon development team hopes this type of approach will help cryptocurrencies move away from the wild west perception they currently have. As it says on the SafeMoon Facebook page: Remember: Getting to the moon requires holding on for a long time, so the longer you hold, the more tokens you will earn.

With such soaring interest, SafeMoon has garnered a good deal of attention for its unique take on rewarding investors. With a tonnage that’s set to grow infinitely in the coming years, and a price that’s jumped thousands of percent in just under three months it’s no wonder the project has attracted a good deal of attention. With such soaring interest, SafeMoon has garnered a good deal of attention for its unique take on rewarding investors. With a tonnage that’s set to grow infinitely in the coming years, the price of the project has jumped thousands of percent in just a short timeframe.

Predicting crypto price movements can be difficult, especially given the volatility of most coins and tokens. There are many alternative coins out there that have the same mission, but do they also have the same capabilities? Today I’m talking about SAFEMOON, a token that stands out from the crowd in a number of ways, and is one of its kind favorites in terms of its fundamentals.

If you’re interested in SAFEMOON, then read on to find out why it’s worth including in your portfolio.

The crypto market changes every single day, and even the safest investments can have sudden crashes and unexpected dips. Be sure to always do your research before investing. Remember that cryptocurrencies are risky and volatile. There is no guarantee of stability. The cryptocurrency industry is riddled with fraud, scams, and uncertainty. While there are many great options that have promising teams behind them, Like all investments, you should carefully consider the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

We are not affiliated with SafeMoon and operate only as a news and review site on the topic. Although we make our best efforts to maintain up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The SafeMoon team and its community provide the latest updates on their official website. We recommend that you read their whitepaper, visit their official website, and do your own research before making any investments in this project.

Let’s cut to the chase. We know you’re probably here because of all the noise going on around SafeMoon.Whether you’re here to learn about SafeMoon or just want to get an overview, I’ll give you all the information you need. And if there is something I haven’t covered that you want to know, just leave a comment.

SafeMoon Defined

SafeMoon is an altcoin, a digital currency that leverages blockchain technology. It delivers an easy-to-use interface and solution for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. SafeMoon embraces the open-source spirit of cryptocurrency. It strives to provide a solid, safe, and convenient way to make payments worldwide. It has already attracted over 1 million users, making it the most widely adopted altcoin of all time.

SafeMoon is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. The network removes the centralized points of failure and provides unprecedented levels of security, privacy, and stability. It is an altcoin because it forked from Bitcoins original code.

SafeMoon is a tokenized project that introduces a marketplace for the exchange of goods and services in space. Essentially, SafeMoon rewards those who hang onto their tokens while disincentivizing those who try to sell them. It charges 10% of these fees to sellers; 5% of this fee is then given to all other SafeMoon holders.

In just 3 months, SafeMoon has attracted 2.5 million users, as 40% of its token supply has already been burned.

To prevent price surges from suddenly occurring, SafeMoon’s token was developed as a means of alleviating sudden price swings. As an added reward, we encourage our holders to maintain their holdings rather than speculate to drive prices higher.

SafeMoon is more than candy, it’s also an innovative investment opportunity. Perhaps not everyone understands this yet, as it’s still very much in the experimental stages. But if you listen to the experts’ SafeMoon is an impressive revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that could become the next big thing.

While SafeMoon has taken strides to build credibility, it’s not without its pitfalls. There are concerns regarding how the platform operates, particularly in the middle of a bear market.

However, there have been several prominent figures in the crypto scene that are not satisfied with this token and they have accused SafeMoon of being a Ponzi scheme as well as a scam. Certain criticisms have come forward, which we will examine later on in this piece.

However, there are some critics who argue that SafeMoon is a Ponzi scheme. They claim that the token is overhyped, pump and dump, a scam and that buyers should avoid it.

Due to the overall volatility of cryptocurrency markets, it is hardly surprising that SafeMoon coin should face such attacks. While there are, of course, critics who consider Safemoon a scam, these opinions should not be taken as given.

Is SafeMoon a Ponzi scheme? Is it a scam? Or is it a legit crypto blockchain project? However, we will examine the facts to determine whether it’s an overhyped one-hit-wonder or truly destined for greatness.

With SAFEMOON’s manual burning strategy, the token deflates. The PancakeSwap decentralized trade pairs 2.5% of BNB with BNB for liquidity purposes. SafeMoon, according to the coin guru, will be listed on a reputable exchange platform with its growing popularity. 

SAFEMOON’s value motion clearly shows that the DeFi space, specifically Binance Smart Chain, has been gaining momentum due to the massive increase in hypothesis. The exponential growth of SafeMoon has provided a distinctive catalyst to BSC DeFi, which has continued to expand. 

To create a SafeMoon token that is desired by your business, you need a skilled Defi token development firm. Regardless of whether your enterprise is using Ethereum, Tron, or BSC, we assist you with the creation of Safemoon tokens. There are three components of the SafeMoon protocol: static reward, manual burn, and automatic liquidity pool acquisition. 

This is all part of the protocol, which ensures the value of the SafeMoon token is protected. Furthermore, these mechanisms provide incentives to their holders to keep holding in order to reap benefits from them.

SafeMoon Token History

SafeMoon’s ranking position at the time of publishing this post is presently placed #205 on the Coinmarketcap.

Thomas Smith is the CTO of SafeMoon, who just recently took over as the CIO of Goldsmith Blockchain Consulting. Ben Philips is employed as a Manager, according to the LinkedIn profile of Ben Haines-Davies, who previously worked for LikeAndShare LTD. DigitalCoin has gained trust within the crypto community as a trusted manufacturer since 2017. An award in this category goes to the mashup of people, accurate crypto market analysis, and the latest information, blogs, and advertisements.

The SAFEMOON coins were generated in one quadrillion units at the time of inception, and 223 trillion of them were instantly burned. DxSale launched a fair event during which the remaining 777 billion tokens were distributed. As of the 27th May 2021, the amount of tokens in circulation has grown to 583 trillion, with additional tokens being burned.

SafeMoon has a constant slope that allows coin holders to keep their coins rather than sell them by charging a 10% transaction fee on all transactions.

Here’s how 10% of the fee is allocated:

  • The 5% redistribution dispersed among the SafeMoon token existing holders
  • The 5% charge is evenly divided: half of the fee is sold to BNB, the other half to Pancake Swap as the liquidity pair automatically to BNB.

In terms of the crypto community, it has been deemed a Ponzi scheme due to its ability to reward early adopters and require a continuous flow of capital to continue rewarding late adopters.

Static Reward

Static rewards are a simple solution to a multitude of difficulties. According to the terms of the token contract, a reward amount fluctuates based on the volume of transactions.
After extremely high APY farming, this method attempts to reduce some of the pressure on token value from past adopters looking to sell their tokens. it motivates holders to stick to their tokens in order to obtain higher rebounds. These benefits are measured by a proportion of the total tokens that the owner has.

Manual Burns

Several protocols use burns, and they can sometimes enhance progress, but rarely. During the project’s infancy, continued automatic burning has an increasingly good influence, but since the burn cannot be managed in order to optimize its influence it gradually ceases to have an effect. Having the team lead and promote burns enables community members to be informed, rewarded, and enlightened. There is a possibility of specifying and analyzing manual burn volumes and conditions.

As part of its long-term burn plan, SafeMoon provides long-term benefits to the community. On their website review, Safe Moon declares the entire quantity burned so that its circulating supply can be compared more easily anytime, any day.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

SAFEMOON’s “Secret Sauce” is its Automatic Liquidity Pools. SAFEMOON holders can take advantage of two advantages by investing in Automatic LP.

  1. It creates a price floor by adding the buyers’ and sellers’ tokens together through a smart contract.
  2. A ten percent fee for SAFEMOON is not speculative, but a representation of its value to holders through a protective arbitration mechanism.

SAFEMOON goes on to say, As the SAFEMOON token LP price rises, the price stability increases as well providing holders with a solid level of price security.

This is done in the hopes of avoiding further drops when whales decide to sell the tokens, thereby maintaining the same price movement as without the LP function. We are attempting to reduce a few problems we’re experiencing with the existing DeFi tokens by changing things up a bit. As a result, we expect the architecture and protocol we describe above to triumph over traditional reflection tokens for the long term.

Does SafeMoon Seem Like a Scam?

Despite the obvious pyramid structure of SafeMoon, investing in the token seems like an appealing prospect for the chance you’re taking. I personally don’t think that SafeMoon is sa scam. People who say it’s a scam haven’t learned anything. It is a clearly community-driven project. They have social media on platforms that relate to discord to address inquiries that one might have. The token, according to SafeMoon’s website, has a market value of $2.3billion.

SafeMoon’s max supply can be changed at any time, though it is unclear on what basis the team uses to determine this. It may be possible for the staff to manipulate supply and price with their discretion to burn tokens. An additional part is a token burn that occurs for every transaction. A rough estimate of how much of each transaction will be burned is not mentioned in the whitepaper or anywhere else on the website.

SafeMoon offers long-term holders a 10 percent charge on each sell in order to prevent daily trading, which normally generates huge price volatility. Half of such costs will be apportioned in the form of a dividend given in additional coins to existing coin owners. Some people are sure that the price will increase as the tokens become harder to procure. Obviously, the equation needs to be balanced.

The SafeMoon team unveiled several new initiatives. They have also partnered with Simplex to make SAFEMOON available to be acquired using credit or debit cards. Also announced was a non-fungible token exchange and a decentralized exchange referred to as SafeMoon Exchange.  The company is also looking at other options, like Binance.

Among the other things that the team announced were testing the token on Minecraft. This will serve as a pilot project for incorporating the tokens with video games. There are six people listed as leaders on SafeMoon.

The company is led by CEO John Karony, who was formerly an analyst for the United States. His LinkedIn profile describes him as a member of the Department of Defense. The chief technology officer of SafeMoon, Thomas Smith, and the company’s community manager, Trevor Church, have teamed up to create a new video game studio, TANO, which stands for “technically new operation.”. Smith has been involved in blockchain and decentralized financial product projects for the past two years.

The team shared that they have created a Minecraft server as part of this testbed, and promised more details would be released on Twitter and on the online discussion platform Discord. A stress test will be conducted using the server for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Spending money on SafeMoon must be made primarily based on the degree of risk you wish to assume. SafeMoon’s success depends heavily upon Binance, SafeMoon’s team, and a possible community that forms around it.  An easy way to protect yourself right here is to do a little research. Learning about reliable projects is a great way to earn a steady, long-term income with cryptocurrencies. There are typically a lot of day traders who are drawn to a coin when it is promoted by a big figure.

Prior to investing your hard-earned money into any cryptocurrency, ensure that you research your selected digital asset completely. With no restrictions, holders are free to invest in and support any coin they choose. Besides trying to become listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, SafeMoon also wants to be listed on Binance. They also wish to build their own trade where they would provide NFTs, broaden their teams and set up offices on the continent of Europe.


SafeMoon currently serves no use other than to generate money. Tokens will only rise in value if interest persists and people remain hooked on them. The decision to take that risk is entirely up to you. Having an entire sack full of worthless coins can be really frustrating.

The team also stated that they have plans for the platform that may add value. The integration of online gaming is sure to increase user numbers by tens of millions, although several projects dealing with online gaming have already been launched.

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